David Ogden Stiers as Maj. Charles Emmerson Winchester III
  B&W cast photo   Cast putting down cement floor in OR  
Alan Alda fan mail:
641 Lexington Avenue, Suite 1400
New York, NY 10022
Mike Farrell fan mail:
P.O. Box 6010
Sherman Oaks, CA 90067 USA
Cast with 10th year cake  
William Christopher fan mail:
P.O. Box 50700
Pasadena, CA 91115 USA
David, Mike Farrell & Alan Alda   Cast photo infront of sign post  
Harry Morgan fan mail:
13172 Boca de Canyon Road
Los Angeles, CA 90049 USA
  Charles on bed   Charles writing letter   Charles hold a maple leaf  
Charles with Margaret   Small pix of smiling Charles
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MASH photos used with permission from: MASH Homepage
(A fabulous website by Andy Lawson!)
For more MASH pix of David, see the Mike Farrell page.
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