If you haven't 'heard' much about John Heard it isn't surprising, though it is very disappointing.

John has been acting since the 1970s with 77 films and nearly 20 television guest appearances to his credit (per the IMDb). His most recent film, Mind the Gap, is in post-production as of 01/2004. Yet when I ask most people if they know who John Heard is, they think for a moment and then say, 'no.'

A character actor that has had his share of leading man roles (loved him as John Pierce in Beaches), John is versatile and has an outstanding ability to capture the audience's attention when needed (this is perfectly displayed in a guest starring role on Law and Order SVU).

I've been delighted with everything I've seen him do ... even when the film is below average (i.e.: The Witness). John is a truly talented actor that deserves to not be on this site!
THE WITNESS (a.k.a. Fish Out of Water) - 1999

A mother who runs a wax museum is fighting to keep her business from crooks who want the land to put up a casino. When one of her employees over hears the plan to torch the museum, a wild chase begins between the employee, the mother's son and the gangster hired to burn the building down (JOHN HEARD).

The film is weak in over-all acting, John being the exception, and misses its mark by advertising itself as a suspense film when, in fact, it is a campy satire. However, it's worth the rental fee to see John in black leather!

For your enjoyment, I've captioned each pix with what I think John might have been saying in relation to the film ...
"Thanks, Mr. Agent, for getting me this role."
"If I stand real still ... maybe they won't notice me."
"I could be home right now watching Survivor."
"What do you mean this will be shown in America too?"
"I'm smiling. As long as I'm smiling, you're ok."
"If I don't get better parts next time this will have real bullets!"
"What'd ya mean I have to share a dressing room?"
"Where's the writer?. I'm not acting now!"
No Words. Just the look on John's face when he saw the film.
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