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Alexis Arquette is quite the underrated actor. His acting is strong, unique and memorable. Each role is as different from the next as it can be. Even when in a "B" film, like "Children of the Corn 5," Alexis shines above all the rest!

From his hilarious performance in "The Wedding Singer" (who loved it when George dressed in Hassidic attire at the Barmitzva?), to his funny yet very real character in "I Think I Do," to his Oscar©-worthy deliverence as the crack addict in "Jumpin At the Boneyard," Alexis always delivers!

Perhaps his being openly gay might hold back the critics ... maybe not. I'd like to think it's just that critics never seem to notice real talent until it's too late. But whatever the reason ... those that see Alexis' work see talent that Hollywood only dreams of.

"HEY ... HOLLYWOOD! It's time for your wake-up call!"
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