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I have been following Monte Markham's career since 1968 when he starred in a wonderful television comedy, "The Second Hundred Years." Seems that Luke Carpenter (Monte Markham) was a gold prospector in the 1890s gold rush in Alaska. But an avalanche buried Luke and he was listed as dead. Then 70 odd years later, due to a military project, Luke's body was uncovered and when thawed out ... he came back to life! This was good news for his son, Edwin Carpenter (Arthur O'Connell) and his grandson (also played by Monte Markham) but since being frozen it seems Luke hadn't aged! According to the Colonel who breaks the news to Edwin, "For all intent and purposes he is 33 years old!" The fun begins when Luke is introduced to this "new fangled" century and all the problems they have keeping his true identity a secret!

Monte Markham has starred in numerous television series: Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, The New Perry Mason and Bay Watch (1st season), and has guest starred in even more! Fantasy Island, Murder She Wrote, Simon and Simon, and currently Grace Under Fire.

Monte is also a director with "Defense Play" being his directorial debut in 1988. Along with working behind the camera Monte Markham has a long stage career and has hosted several television specials.

Monte has always been a gracious celebrity, answering my letters each time I write! July 1988 will mark the 30th year anniversary of the first letter I received from him (and yes, I still have it)!

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