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That face ... that face ... that absolutely adorable face! Okay ... he's a grown man now but I still can't help myself! Jason Bateman has one of the cutest faces around town ...


Sorry, but Jason's CHICAGO SONS was cancelled, to the disappointment of many. But now he's in Some of My Best Friends on Wed, 8pm on CBS!

Actor Jason Bateman - Bio

Jason Bateman made his television debut at the early age of ten years old and has been working non-stop ever since then. He is currently starring in the Warner Brothers production of the NBC mid-season replacement show "Chicago Sons," the story of three brothers growing up in Cicero, Illinois on the brink of adulthood, paving their way through life -- each in his own unique way. The comedy is centered around Bateman's character, Harry Kulchak, who is the middle brother, a hard-working architect who takes his career very seriously, but still has time to relentlessly pursue Lindsay (Paula Marshall), his beautiful co-worker. Insiders are already making noise dubbing the show the latest addition to the "Must See TV" line up. A New Yorker at heart, Bateman and his family moved to the City of Angels when he was very young. When he was just ten, Michael Landon spotted the young boy and cast him in the long-running hit series "Little House on the Prairie." "I grew up with two families -- my own and the one I worked with. The entire set really was like one big happy family. Michael instilled in me the love of acting and will always be my mentor, no matter what age I am. I feel privileged to have worked so closely with such a gifted, loving and unique individual." After "Little House..." Bateman was hired to star in "It's Your Move," and then two years later, the pre-teen became a nationwide phenomenon and heartthrob with his two-year stint in the hit show "Silver Spoons." At sixteen, he was cast as David Hogan in "The Hogan Family," with Valerie Harper, and later, Sandy Duncan. During the show's five-year run, Bateman grew up in front of his television audience and faced many of the problems his character, David, faced on the small screen. And by 18, Jason became the youngest director in the history of the Director's Guild of America, when he directed three episodes of "The Hogan Family" while also starring in the show. Since then, Bateman has made dozens of telefilms including "This Can't Be Love" opposite the legendary Katherine Hepburn and Anthony Quinn; "Two Faces of Evil" with James Earl Jones and James Wilder as well as the USA Network's "A Taste for Killing." Bateman also ignited the big screen, co-starring in the feature NECESSARY ROUGHNESS with Scott Bakula and Robert Loggia and the feature BREAKING THE RULES. An avid sportsman and natural athlete, Jason plays golf, soccer, football, and snow skis, when he is not on the track racing sports cars and winning the Long Beach Grand Prix.

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