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I have adored this woman for many decades! Her ability to play a role and become it is something that is usually only seen by male actors ... and not because there aren't many female actors that can do it ... but because the opportunity isn't afforded them or they are afarid to take the chance.

I don't think either is the case for Ms. Channing. She has been offered some fabulous roles and she has not just accepted them but has taken them, molded and shaped them and made them her own!

From her fat and ... dare I say it of such a lovely woman ... ugly, Miriam Knight in "The Girl Most Likely To" (a made for TV movie in 1973 ... and the first piece I ever saw her in) to her Rizzo in "Grease" (1978) to Iris in "Married to It" (1993) and to her wonderfully moving portrayal of Carol Ann in "To Wong Foo, Thanks for everything! Julie Newmar." (1995) -- Stockard brought a whole new meaning to the pharase ... "Come into the light, Carol Ann ... "

As I sit here and write about Stockard Channing I feel an honor and privledge to be able to add her to my list of stars that are too often not given the recognition that they deserve. And I only hope that one day soon I can ... with great pride ... remove her from this page!

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