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Derrel Maury and I first met about 1996 when he met with my daughter's agent. I knew he was coming for an interview and I was really excited. See, I'd been a fan since ... well, since I was much younger and meeting Derrel was sort of like meeting a teenage crush!

I had no idea who was going to walk in the door since I hadn't seen him in several years and people do change (I knew I had). But the agent then showed me his current headshot and I flipped! He hadn't changed a bit ... but I had. Looking at the photo, I could still picture him wearing the pointed tipped hat that was a trademark of the cartoon character he brought to life on TV ... JUGHEAD! And I could still see the sweet biker-hoodlum character that he had done on "Happy Days" when he rumbled against "The Fonz." Yep ... time had somehow missed Derrel Maury! Sitting at a desk, I began to fiddle and straighten things just to occupy my mind. Then ... there was the knock at the door and IN HE WALKED!

Now I had to keep in mind that Mr. Maury had not come to see me ogle him or swoon over him or even run off about how much of a fan I was and so I did my best to keep calm and out of the way. He and the agent had a nice meeting (she's very informal and easy to be around) and then they were done. Across from where I sat (still fiddling with things on the desk), was a small sofa. Derrel sat down and began taking out headshots to discuss with the agent. He showed her several and made a very modest comment that he didn't really care for them as he didn't think he photographed well. To my blush and dismay ... the agent turned to me and said to Derrel, "Well, I don't thank that's a problem. Besides, Jane thinks you're very good looking!"

If there could have been a hole big enough for me to crawl into, I'd have jumped in and pulled it in after me! The blush from my face would have caused a sunburn for anyone within three feet of me. Needless to say, I was mortified! But Derrel, turned and looked at me with the sweetest smile and said, "Well, thank you! You're very sweet!" (Again, I wished for that hole.) "Well," I stammered, "you are." He smiled politely. And shortly after that he left the office and I began to scold the agent!

Several months passed and the agent told me that Derrel was teaching children and young teens acting, besides his own acting, and would my daughter be interested. Can you guess my answer? Of course you can! My daughter and her friend took his classes for two sessions and loved them. Derrel is as great a coach as he is an actor! Genuine, dedicated and very, very good at what he does.

Well, that's the end of my "Derrel Maury Story" so now you can look at the pictures (which I'm sure is why you're really here anyway) and read his resume. Oh, and do me a favor? Don't tell anyone I told you all this, okay?


  Derrel headshot arms folded   Derrel headshot in suit  
  Derrel headshot closeup   Derrel headshot glasses & sweater  
  Derrel headsot cowboy   Derrel headshot sleeves tank top  
  Photo of Derrel from "Apple Pie" tv series      

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