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Richard Harris has been a favorite of mine since the 70s! A truly one-of-a-kind man -- actor, writer, singer, director -- his talents are never ending!

I remember the first time I saw him on the big screen. The film was "Cromwell" and he changed my life! I mean that I was so amazed by this performance that I walked out of that theater different. I couldn't get enough of him after that. I was a teenager and my mother strongly disapproved. Being Irish herself, she'd often say: "He's so Irish he squeaks!" This was meant as an insult but his roughish ways only made him more appealing. Overtime he'd guest on a talk-show, all slouched down in his chair, legs relaxed, knees apart, my mother's walk in, take one look and bellow: "Oh my God! How can you be attracted to that? All I can say is mothers just don't understand. (I'm one now and I know of what I speak!) But he had more appeal than sex ... he was so talented that he squeaked! And he has proven that and endured all the mothers of the world who, I'm sure, scolded their daughters from Limerick to Hong Kong! But we all knew a good thing when we saw it ... and I still do!

Born October 1, 1932, in Limerick, Ireland this 68 year old gentleman only gets better with age!

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