Mike Farrell in M*A*S*H
More Mike Farrell MASH Pix below
Autographed pix of Mike as BJ Hunnicut  
The warm and inviting face that helped make BJ a household name.
Autographed cast photo   TV Guide Jan 24th  
Cast Pix: William Christopher, David Ogden Stiers,
Alan Alda, Harry Morgan, Loretta Switt, Mike Farrell,
& Jammie Farr
Mike Farrell, Harry Morgan & Alan Alda
Mike as BJ   BJ Autographed pix 1Autographed BJ pix 2  
Autographed pix with Alda & Morgan
Cast Pix with Mike Farrell, Alan Alda & Harry Morgan
Autographed pix at sign post
Cast pix: Mike Farrell, Alan Alda & Harry Morgan
Before the flannel turned pink!
More MASH Pix
For more MASH pix of Mike, see the David Ogden Stiers page.
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