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June 3, 1997

Sit back and get ready for the most riotious ride of your life!
Frank is candid, funny, silly, serious, racey, sexy and ... FUNNY!
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WhaleyF: I want to say hello to everybody and thank you to Bistroburg. Thank you!

AOLiveMC1: SuperZaz starts off our evening with this first question: What was it like working with Benicio Del Toro in Swimming With Sharks?

WhaleyF: Benicio was one of the most interesting actors I've worked with. It was a pleasure. He had a hard time memorizing lines from time to time. He was a wonderful actor. I enjoyed watching his work, and I take full responsibility for beginning his career ... just kidding ;>

AOLiveMC1: BistroBur has this to ask: I saw you in The Size of The World and was very impressed . Will you be doing live theater anytime soon? Malaparte production maybe?

WhaleyF: Hopefully. I love doing theater. I'm glad you liked The Size of the World. I was very proud of that. Malaparte, probably in the next year, will be staging something.

AOLiveMC1: IWUBU wants to know this: Frank...may I call you Frank...I loved Career Opportunities. You are incredible in anything you do...but someone told me they read that you hated working on that. Is that true?

WhaleyF: There was only thing I hated more than working on that movie, and it was the time I took a metal pipe and rammed it into my right eye. That was MORE FUN! But I'm glad you liked it :>

AOLiveMC1: JJCWRITE is curious to find out this: Frank, I think you are adorable and have for a long time. I'm here in L.A. writing scripts and wondered if you read any of the ones that are submitted to your agent for you or does someone else read them?

WhaleyF: I read everything, particularly the scripts that contain frontal nudity, require me to be pierced or tatooed or to have realisitic and wild sex scenes with women with large and cosmetically enhanced breasts. I also like scripts with drawings...illustrations...because I don't read too well.

AOLiveMC1: McGinty has this question about Frank's popularity on AOL: Frank ... have you checked out your folder on AOL ?? ;)

WhaleyF: I have not. I have a whole bunch of folders on my desk from 8th grade, and I'm trying to get to them. But I don't at the moment have a computer. I was taking a jacuzzi and it drowned. But I'm fine! The problem is, I don't even have a jacuzzi, so it's all a mystery to me.

AOLiveMC1: IWUBU has this question that might be on a lot of people's minds right now: First...Might I say,that you are one of the most attractive men in Hollywood today. Second, are you single?

WhaleyF: First response is: Are you blind? Secondly, thank you very much. You're the first person who has found me attractive since my 3rd grade teacher, and I don't want to get into that online. Single is a tough word to define. Having been sentenced to house arrest for 6 months, it's hard for me to meet women.

AOLiveMC1: BStarr636 wonders how Frank has changed: How do you feel you have changed as an actor since filming Swing Kids?

WhaleyF: Well, since filming Swing Kids, which is possibly the best film involving dancing Nazis ever made, I have changed in many ways. The most profound change is thus: I will never play a dancing Nazi again. But we are doing a sequel called "Swing Men", about a bunch of gay midgets who can't dance.

AOLiveMC1: FTemp235 wants to know: Are you still working with Ethan Hawke? I heard you were involved with a playhouse of his.

WhaleyF: Ethan Hawke and I did open a playhouse but we were shut down for serving minors and for allowing overweight Eskimo women to dance at the bar at wee hours in the morning. Seriously, along with other NY actors, he and I formed a theatre company called Malaparte. But he's really good looking and I'm not. And that causes problems.

AOLiveMC1: BistroBur has a question about Frank's musical talents: I know you are somewhat of a musical virtuoso. Drummer with Niagaras, guitar player in The Doors and Swing Kids.. You also seem to have a LOVELY voice. I adored you singing in Cafe Society. Any plans to go on tour? your own madcap version of Trent Reznor.

WhaleyF: Well, thank you. I do love playing music. I'm thinking of going on tour, sort of a madcap version of Jack Wagner. I'm going to be playing in temples and coffee houses across Asia, and a few select shows in Tibet for the month.

AOLiveMC1: IWUBU has another question about the popular "Swing Kids": While working on Swing Kids, did you find it difficult to act without thinking of all that had happened during the time frame you were supposed to be in?

WhaleyF: I will be touring with the Spice Girls as well, so look for that. While doing Swing Kids, I found it difficult to act while not thinking. I also found it difficult to act while playing a dancing Nazi in a movie that was directed by one of the guys who was a regular on the White Shadow, with one of the kids from Dead Poets Society and some weird British guy.

AOLiveMC1: KCarr4963 has this proposition: Hey Frank! Would you ever consider doing Saturday Night Live?

WhaleyF: I would consider doing Saturday Night Fever if they asked. If they only have asked. Unfortunately, I can't do SNL because on Saturday nights, I'm usually busy lying around my dismal studio in my leather diaper crying and thinking of what might have been. I am thinking of starting my own show called Sunday Night Taped with an all nude cast.

AOLiveMC1: MoniStar2 wants to know how this affected Hollywood's image: Frank I'm a big fan! After working on Swimming with Sharks how accurate would you say its portrayal of Hollywood was?

WhaleyF: How big are you? Just kidding. I think that the portrayal was very accurate. If anything, Hollywood and the way it works -- the film was a subtle description of how it works. Hollywood is a terrible place, which is why I'm quitting the business and going back to my first love, medicine. Particularly gynecology.

AOLiveMC1: IWUBU has yet another question, an off-beat one at that: Do me one favor and type in my name just once...Andrea...please! I think youre one of the greatest actors there is out there today. But I can't find your fan club! Is there one?
WhaleyF: Andrea! There, I typed your name. But I don't want to move too fast. I want this relationship to grow For fan club information, c/o The Jamesville Correctional Institute. Just kidding. The Gersh Agency [130 West 42nd Street, Suite 2400, New York, New York 10036] which is in NY City.

AOLiveMC1: Frank, I think all the Andrea's in the world thank you for yelling out their name. And here's the next question.
AOLiveMC1: LdyStnRos has a two-part question: Frank, did you have fun at the Niagaras? How long have you been playing the drums?

WhaleyF: I always have fun at the Niagaras, and I've been playing the drums since my father, when I was very young boy, used the back of my head as a kettle drum. I think that's where I got my first love of the drums.

AOLiveMC1: Pjroamer wants Frank to think back a bit: What do you consider your most challenging role?

WhaleyF: My most challenging role is being a father. Particularly since I don't have children. Also being a sex symbol since I possess absolutely sexiness. And being a role model for the kids. Being a professional wrestler and exotic dancer also poses a great challenge.

AOLiveMC1: J74523 wants to know of any future plans: Swimming with Sharks was a great movie. Have you and Kevin Spacey thought of working together again. You two are a great combination.

WhaleyF: Well, we have thought about working together again but we came to the conclusion, almost simul#9999FFeously, that we almost despise each other. Just kidding. I love working with Kevin. He loved not working with me. Just kidding. I hope we can work together again in the future. Just not in the same movie.

AOLiveMC1: SuperZaz has a question about a hit movie that Frank starred in: How did you prep up for your role in Pulp Fiction? It was a very intense scene and you did it perfectly!

WhaleyF: Thank you. I prepped up by getting my car, driving to the set, eating six or seven donuts, taking a nap. Pretty much it.

AOLiveMC1: JodFoster has a question: What has been your most rewarding experience as an actor?

WhaleyF: Winning my 3rd Oscar. My most rewarding moments as an actor have been on stage. It's more rewarding and satisfying for me, particularly when it involves women putting dollar bills in different parts of my body. And calling me "Boy".

AOLiveMC1: Adelvalle gives Frank something to think about: What do you do to avoid becoming too concerned with "self" in your private life?

WhaleyF: I look at myself in the mirror cons#9999FFtly, I repeat my name over and over and over. I stare intently at photographs of myself. I call people on the phone and ask them if they've ever heard of me. I call myself on the phone and say really nice things to myself. I videotape myself and I send it to strangers. And that's how I help give back to the community. I've also started a charity organization called "Beer and Chips for Franks." Just another way to give back so I don't appear so concerned with myself. I've also just tattoed and 8x10 photo of me on my right buttock which, I think, is pretty selfless.

AOLiveMC1: MoniStar2 wants Frank to compare all three of these: Frank, I've seen your work both in tv and film, I hear you do stage work as well. Which do you prefer?

WhaleyF: I prefer stage work. It's where I started out as an actor and it's what I love. As a rule, you don't get as many chicks. Just traffic.

AOLiveMC1: Nisa Late wants to know if Frank will go behind the camera: Do you have plans to direct?

WhaleyF: No, I would love to direct but then I wouldn't have anybody to bitch and moan to all day.

AOLiveMC1: LuvyChic thinks Frank is hot and has this question to boot: Like I said before, I saw you at Stella and I think you are hot. I was wondering did you start off as a comedian. Oh and I think you are hot too.

WhaleyF: Let me get this straight. Your name is LuvyChic, and I'm getting the impression that you think I'm HOT.

AOLiveMC1: McGinty worships Frank enough to make him a web site: Hi Frank! I want you to know I have a web page on you. It's at: I hope you'll check it out sometime! You're the greatest!! JANE

WhaleyF: Thanks, Jane. I'd love to check it out. Could you please send me a computer? c/o The Jamesville Correctional Institute. Also, send me some books and candy, if you have them as well.

AOLiveMC1: WeAreHoll has this to say from Bistroburg: From Bistroburg we all watched Cafe Society last Thursday and all agreed in a private chat that the scene on the phone with his mom was Oscar-worthy. oh, and the we'd like to hear him sing more

WhaleyF: I'm an innocent man in a 10 foot cell. Help me! Well, good to hear from you again, Bistroburg. I'm glad you liked the movie. Thank you for the compliments. I hate to tell you but that was not me singing. It was actually the legendary Pavarotti.

AOLiveMC1: Amorsitas wonders if Frank has selective amnesia: I was wondering if there are any movies in your past you would like to forget?

WhaleyF: Yes. All of them. Except for the early soft porn stuff. Particularly "Sperms of Endearment." It's a very little scene but critically acclaimed film.

AOLiveMC1: TBONE8124 wants to know how Frank became the chosen one: How did you get chosen to be in THE DOORS?

WhaleyF: Well, I was having lunch with Jesus Christ and he said, "Frank ... I'll give you a choice. You can either be a prophet or you can play a supporting role in a film about a pretentious 60's rock band." The rest is history.

s AOLiveMC1: KAWASUNA has this to say: Hi Frank. I was the costume designer for an After School Special you did a LONG time ago. Forgot the name, with Uta Hagen. Congrats on your success now. I have pix of you in underwear. Worth anything? ;-)

WhaleyF: First of all, I rememer you. You were great. I remember that After School special vaguely. Please send the photos of me in my underwear ASAP to my mom c/o Rikers Island. She needs them.

AOLiveMC1: JJCWRITE wants to know where Frank is, besides the Jamesville Correctional Institute: Where are you right now? Do you live in NY or LA? Or somewhere between???

WhaleyF: At the moment, I am in Southeast Asia working a very secret mission for the United States government. Please don't tell anyone. It's a very dangerous job. But if you wouldn't mind, please send me 3 pairs of Calvin Klein underwear immediately.

AOLiveMC1: CadetMel has a thought and a question:
I just wanted to say that I think that it was a coincidence that you are online tonight because I just recently rented half the movies you have either starred in or been in. Also what was it like getting to work with notable actors like Marlon Brando etc?

WhaleyF: Well, first I want to say I think you're very brave for renting my movies. Why did you only rent half? Go get the rest. Secondly, I've been very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with great actors, particularly Fred Savage, Howie Mandel, and the like.

AOLiveMC1: MoniStar2 wonders what Frank lacks, as do most of the adoring crowd out there tonight: You are talented, modest, funny, AND good-looking. Is there anything you aren't?

WhaleyF: Well endowed. Just kidding. Otherwise, no. I am everything, and everything is me.

AOLiveMC1: Lord Age1 wonders about Frank's early beginnings before he was broken in: DID YOU START IN PORNOS BEFORE GETTING YOUR BIG BREAK?

WhaleyF: Well, a lot of the early porno stuff was stuff I did with my family and that's how I really got broken in. Family projects. Sort of like the only porno. SOFT porno.

AOLiveMC1: LAPSEDCAT wonders if there is any resemblance: Hey frank...does anybody ever mistake you for chris mulkey?

WhaleyF: Yes. In fact, Chris is here with me now and I can't even tell who is Chris and who is Frank. By the way, who the )*(&)*& is Chris Mulkey, and why is he going around pretending he is me? Tell him to send me money or food. Or both, if he feels like it.

AOLiveMC1: Candice60 has a question about one of Frank's attractive, past co-stars: What was it like working with jenifer connely?

WhaleyF: I'll answer that question with one word: Actually, two words: Breasts.

AOLiveMC1: Loverly20 wants to know what music tickles Frank's musical bone: Frankie what kind of music do you listen to?

WhaleyF: Stop calling me, Mom! Stop calling me! I like to listen to Journey, I'm a real Lover Boy fan. I love the work of Night Ranger and Styx. I'm also a real sucker for Gloria Estefan. I think her lyrics are amazing.

AOLiveMC1: EMINENCE has this odd question concerning "America's Most Wanted" man: Hey Frank would you ever consider Playing golf with OJ??

WhaleyF: Well, I have mixed feelings about that. We were having lunch today and I said, "OJ. Can't we just hold each other? Does it always have to be about sex?" And he said "Let's play golf." And I said, "No. Go home Juice. Call me when you want to talk. REALLY TALK."

AOLiveMC1: ThreeDeee wants to know what was scripted and what wasn't: First of all , I'm a huge fan of your work (esp. Swimming with Sharks and A Midnight Clear) ...Speaking of Swimming with Sharks, I was curious as to how much of the film was improvised?

WhaleyF: None of it was improvised because we really liked the script. We did rehearse for about a week and we changed the script around a bit, but we really stuck to that.

AOLiveMC1: J74523 has a question about a great baseball film: Did you enjoy working with Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones in Field of Dreams?

WhaleyF: Yes and no. I loved working with both.

AOLiveMC1: LAPSEDCAT is dying to find out about this: Hey frank...who does your head metaphor...just a simpleindustry question.

WhaleyF: I don't have head shots. I prefer charcoal drawings, which I do myself.

AOLiveMC1: KCarr4963 is asking Frank as if he had something to do with it: Okay Frank, what really happened to Hoffa?

WhaleyF: Who's that?

AOLiveMC1: EMINENCE has this to ask: Hey WhaleyF will you ever do the Howard Stern Show? Or are you scared??

WhaleyF: I'm not scared.

AOLiveMC1: Abbybarns has this assessment of tonight's show with Frank: It has been clearly demonstrated tonight that you have great wit. Any s#9999FFd up comedy plans in your future??

WhaleyF: Well, having a prosthetic leg makes it difficult for me to s#9999FFd. So, probably not.

AOLiveMC1: MysticAng wants to know this: Do you find your roles a strain?

WhaleyF: Yes, mostly on my groin.

AOLiveMC1: Wizard126 wants to know how it was like doing double duty with this actor: What was it like to work with John Travolta TWICE?

WhaleyF: It was great. I like that guy.

AOLiveMC1: IWUBU wants to know who had Frank's hair done like this: What was with that curl you had in your hair for Career Opportunities. How irritating was THAT to work with?

WhaleyF: Well, this is actually a true story. That curl was my idea. After After about 5 days of shooting, the studio called and said, "That's the most annoying thing I've ever seen." So we had to write in a scene where I take the curl away. Thank you for bringing up a very sad moment in my life.

AOLiveMC1: BistroBur wants to know about Frank's ability to park: You have a car in this damn city? how do you park it?

WhaleyF: Being independently wealthy and owning a fleet of 1975 Dodge Darts, I find it easiest to park them in my garage, which is huge and equipped with a private bar and several Swedish imported mute dancing girls. It's just more convenient that way.

AOLiveMC1: Shiloh122 has this question involving Frank's brother: Are you and your brother still gigging in NYC??

WhaleyF: Not since the arrest. Just Kidding. I am no longer a member of the band. I do occasionally sit in with them. They are presently on a European tour and doing quite well. They have a new CD out. Check it out.

AOLiveMC1: T G Murra has this two-part inquiry: What was it like to work with Roman Polanski and what was it like to work in Russia ?

WhaleyF: Hell, on both questions. Just kidding. Russia was hell. Polanski was great because they always had special cheese flown in and we would often times sit in our hotel room which we shared and sip wine and eat cheese off the belly of a nubile, headless girl. It was all research, of course, for the roles we were playing.

AOLiveMC1: Firesmith wants to know if Frank was serious or not about this:
What did you win oscars for? Or is this another joke?

WhaleyF: First of all, sir, everything that I have said tonight is completely serious and should be taken as such. I can't remember at the moment what I won the Oscars for, but you could probably find out. From somebody else. But I wouldn't bother asking anyone else. Just believe that I won 4 or 5 Oscars, 3 Grammys, 4 Tonys and the Pulitzer Prize for my work in the gynecological sciences. It's all true.

AOLiveMC1: Sandman35 wants to know how difficult this was on him, besides his earlier-mentioned groin injury:
How hard was it on you do your very first act on stage or on film?

WhaleyF: Well, the first role that I played on stage, I was terrible. It was very difficult. I was terrified and basically, not much has changed.

AOLiveMC1: IamsoDizz ends this show with a "This is Your Life" question for Frank: Hey there Frank! Went to Grant and Henninger with ya ...Class of '81! Remember me? Glad to see one of us made it big! ~~Annemarie Purcell~~

WhaleyF: Hello Annemarie Purcell! It's great to hear from you. I remember you. Just because I've not made it big and you have, it's no excuse to make me feel small. By the way, if you want the pom-poms and cheerleader skirt, just let me know.

AOLiveMC1: Frank, thank you so much for bringing your hilarious and serious self to our show tonight. Any final comments for your mesmerized fans out there?

WhaleyF: Yes. I love you all. I'm overwhelemed by all your kind words. And compliments. It means a lot to me, in all seriousness, and it's been a pleasure chatting with you all and I hope to do it again very soon. Meanwhile, if you have any canned goods or hams or non-perishables, send it c/o Frank at the Jamesville Correctional Institute. Thank you very much. Bye!

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June 3, 1997

(Transcription in part by Bistroburg and McGinty)

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